Lulu Lamby by Karen E. Levy


Sam hears the same message all the time    leave Lulu Lamby at home! But Sam has had Lulu Lamby by his side for as long as he can even remember. Lulu goes almost everywhere that Sam goes, and that can lead to trouble when Lulu gets left behind in all sorts of places. Will Sam’s family recognize how special Lulu is, or will Sam have to give up Lulu Lamby for good?

Karen Levy grew up in New York and Pennsylvania, where she enjoyed playing with dolls, flipping baseball cards, and playing outside until forced to come in. She has worked as a program planner for an international arts organization, a volunteer firefighter, and has been a teacher in the Washington, DC area for over 30 years. Karen lives in Maryland with her daughter, dog, and a lovey named Lamby. Lulu Lamby is her debut book.

Holly Hope had lived her whole life in the Pacific Northwest – Idaho, Oregon and Washington state – until she and her family moved to Washington DC in 2007. Though she misses the mountains and pine trees of the west, living in DC continues to be one of the greatest adventures of her life, along with being a wife and mom, an elementary school teacher, and now a book illustrator.

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