Mayflower to Michigan and Beyond by Susan Ruth


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Susan Ruth’s Mayflower to Michigan and Beyond: My Family’s Journey is the history of twelve of her immigrant ancestors and their descendants from their arrivals in North America in the 17th and 18th centuries to recent times. Their lives illustrate vividly and concretely much of our national experience from 1620. The stories in this history are deeply researched, richly detailed, and elegantly written. Highly recommended.
-Dwight N. Mason, The Historian, Maryland Mayflower Society

This vivid book exemplifies the museum curator’s quest to bridge local stories to larger national narratives. Susan Haedtler Ruth uses family memoirs and milestones to flesh out familiar American stories such as the Mayflower, westward expansion, wartime challenges, the immigrant experience, and evolving women’s roles. Individual and family tales, like those in this book, enrich our collective history. Ruth’s thoughtfully told family stories span four centuries and range from inspiring to humorous. We are excited to add this narrative to the Berrien County Historical Association’s collection.
-Rhiannon Cizon, Executive Director, Berrien County Historical Association

Price Kepner’s fourteen-year old voice brings to life the village of Fricks Lock, Pennsylvania in the 1850s. Ruth’s book shares Price’s letters and diaries as well as those of many other fascinating ancestors. Her engaging and well-written book is an important source for genealogists and anyone interested in family history.
-Gail Brown, Chairman, East Coventry Township Historical Commission


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