Summer-Go-Round (Hardcover) by Christine Schon Marques


Caroline and Alex are bored on a summer day. Going to the merry-go-round would be fun - but all the rides are missing!

Where did the rides go? Caroline and Alex look everywhere. Tired and grumpy, they are about to give up when a very dusty car suddenly appears. One by one, the rides return from their distant travels. It turns out to be a wonderful day after all.

Christine Schon Marques is a debut author who has lived on five continents. Faraway places and a closed carousel kicked off this adventure. She is currently in sunny Los Angeles, wondering where the rides will go next.

Alix Moity is a young French artist who is passionate about illustration. With a degree in visual arts, she finds inspiration in the impressionist movement and fairy tales. She is working on several projects in France.

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