Adrian's Arsenal & Other Nonsense Verse by Ulysses Poe


About the Author:

More than wordsmith,
less than poet.
Don’t you know it!

Uly Poe is one
of several noms-de-charade
employed by this versifier/illustrator
and occasional solo jazz pianist.
Another is Sgt. N. (“Jim”) Smithe-Magee
(the N stands for ‘Nonsense’), under which the man
has posted nonsense through two decades at

Long appreciation of the
literary output of Lear, Gorey,
Carroll, the Oulipo’s Perec and others prompts
“The Sarge” to compose and illustrate his own –
though his inventions are readily seen
as stylistically and qualitatively dissimilar
to those of his mentors. Attention to
meter and rhyme has always
trumped semantics.
The issue remains unresolved.


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