It's Time to Act by Jim Prust


What to do about global warming is both a scientific and a political question. In some way, scientists and voters must be able to understand each other.

This book is a modest contribution to making that understanding possible. In the early chapters, Mr. Prust distills his personal effort, as a non-scientist who has worked on climate policies, to arrive at a clear understanding of what the scientific experts are saying. Later chapters consider the policies needed if warming is to be halted, and how the political support for them can best be built. Throughout, politically contentious issues are identified and the arguments on all sides are carefully, and hopefully fairly, weighed in light of what is known and what remains uncertain.

There is no mystery about what the world needs to do: stop emitting greenhouse gases. The challenge is to persuade electorates around the world – and most urgently in the United States – to mandate their governments to establish the right policies and conditions for the job to be done.

Jim Prust was born and grew up in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. He has degrees from the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics. He spent most of his career at the International Monetary Fund working on a wide variety of countries and issues, including the interface between economic policies and the environment. He has four children and lives with his wife in Washington DC.

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