Why "Think Like A Man" When You're An Amazing Woman! by Jo Sephine


You're an Amazing Woman!

This book was written to provide safety tips to women, children, and loved ones from all over the world that they can use in everyday life. My intentions are to help victims get their power back and expose the truth, that predators are really cowards that shouldn't be feared, but that you should be leery of. It provides sisterly, motherly, aunt-like advice to all women, mothers, and men who care about the safety of women and children. This book is written from the perspective of a survivor and fighter, not a victim.

  • This book is a tool to understand strength and defense. Use this content to protect all females in your life; a sister, adored mother, loving aunt, co-worker and/or friends, maybe even a stranger. Your instincts will tell you when to apply it.
  • After reading this book, you should be able to better identify and avoid risky individuals and situations, increasing the odds of fostering safe assuring relationships, and developing the ability to identify those you should pass up and/or avoid. In some cases, you can't avoid interacting with them, therefore situational awareness and self dense become a requirement.
  • The victims and survivors of domestic violence should not be forgotten, please visit www.MASDF.org and/or email WTLAM@mail.com to find out where you can read or locate their stories. Some will inspire you, others may motivate and anger you, either way they need to be remembered.
  • Use this information to build your inner-strength and be highly selective.
  • The protection of vulnerable people is a human issue. If the color of one’s skin, political affiliation, religion, country of origin and/or economic status doesn’t determine whether you feel someone deserves the right to feel safe in their community/country, then this book is for you.

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