The Color of Meaning (Paperback) by Peter Gorski


This new collection of perceptive essays and tonal poetry, written in the keys of life, takes the reader on a journey through some of our most joyous and fragile experiences. In writings that range from rigorously examined social commentary to exquisitely intimate, personal reflection, Gorski helps us to appreciate the essential building blocks of a fulfilling life and a humane society. His lyrical introspection into delicate life circumstances invites us to consider our own growing pains, turning points, choices and relationships. Sweet humor interweaves with breath-taking analysis of how we live, work and care about one another. This collection will have you rethinking which settings, experiences and relationships give meaning to our lives, how, individually and collectively, we can influence our health and happiness and why hope, with or without cause for optimism, opens us to the gift of love. All the while, each turn of phrase in this volume will linger on the palate, inviting the reader to slowly and fully digest its delicious imagery.

Peter Andrew Gorski, MD, MPA is a physician and author. He has served in leadership positions in academic departments of medicine and public health, national professional societies and advocacy organizations, public school boards, public and nonprofit organizations and foundations. Previous poems and essays have been published in newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites. He is currently Professor of Pediatrics and Humanities, Health & Society at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University and Professor of Public Health at the Miller School of Medicine, the University of Miami. Dr. Gorski studies the relational roots of health and works to design policies and programs that foster the social capital and distributive justice essential for the healthy development of children

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