I Saw Our Moon Last Night by Jacqueline Andrews Grace


For half a century, the old brown suitcase had protected those hundreds of letters written during WWII. With great care and a halting step, my Uncle Howard carried it out to the living room and placed it on the floor in front of me. Knowing his well-lived life was sadly drawing to a close, he nodded to me. I carefully slid the rusty metal clasps to the side, guarding my fi ngers from the quick snap of the latches. I opened the lid with hushed anticipation. There, stacked in chronologically ordered bundles tied neatly with pastel silk ribbons, were the letters. I untied the faded blue ribbon on the packet labeled 1941 and opened one of the envelopes. As I gently removed the fragile paper that was mottled with age but perfectly preserved, I felt myself transported back in time. I began to read.

Jacqueline Andrews Grace, is Glorious’ only niece, the daughter who would eventually be born to her younger brother Derwill, who she lovingly called Drilk. She grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and is married to her college sweetheart Jerry who is a retired pastor. Th ey have a grown son and a cat.

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