Furious Gravity: Grace & Gravity Volume IX


Furious Gravity is the long-awaited ninth volume of the "Grace and Gravity" series, a literary journal devoted to women writers in the DC region. This volume will be the second edited by Melissa Scholes Young, a DC writer and associate professor at American University, who has taken over from founder Richard Peabody (Gargoyle and Paycock Press). Scholes Young delivers a gorgeous and vivid volume of fifty vibrant voices. Her vision for the ninth volume is a platform in which women write about the gravitational forces that bind them together or push them apart. Fury is useful fuel as they respond to a world they wish was more just. Amidst the darkness provided in generous and unrelenting doses by the current political climate, this collection delivers a compilation of stories and essays with undeniable pull - and, of course, grace.


Available now for pre-order.