A Lizard Runs Through It by K. D. Smith


Librarian Ismene Cernik joins her friends for happy hour at a Caribbean island beach bar, little dreaming that she is about to stumble on the body of a former lover. His turns out to be only the first of a series of corpses, all with ties to the local college. The bodies seem to pop up in Ismene’s path, and she soon finds herself engrossed in the mystery. Meanwhile, Inspector Folette of the El Tigre police is quietly pursuing his own leads. The action ranges from the college campus to dangerous night dives, both underwater and on the El Tigre waterfront; from a pre-hurricane party to a gala dinner at the island aquarium. The eventual solution of the crimes requires Ismene to use her library research skills and her intimate knowledge of the college community, while Inspector Folette relies on cold logic and the resources of the law. Separately they come to the same conclusion, but will it be in time to prevent Ismene from falling into the murderer’s clutches?

K.D. Smith is a lover of books, Caribbean islands, and all things aquatic. She is a former defense analyst and librarian.

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