Thirteen Minutes: Winning, Losing, and Living As Taught By the 2016 Election by Samuel S. Chen


Thirteen Minutes appeared to be all that stood between Ohio Governor John Kasich’s 2016 candidacy surging and ending.

Reflecting on the long and uncertain days of the 2016 presidential elections, as well as his personal journey through politics, award-winning strategist and television host Samuel Chen highlights five life lessons for
the next generation of leaders: Grit, Friendship, Priority, Gossip, and Worth.

Moving beyond traditional career advice, Chen writes openly and honestly about winning and losing in both politics and in life. The stories and lessons presented will challenge and change how we approach politics and live our lives.

“[Samuel Chen’s] observations in this book are an honest recollection of his years in what Teddy Roosevelt called ‘The Arena.’ For those curious about life behind the curtain, don’t miss a word.”
-HON. JEFF COLEMAN, Former Member, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

“In a time when our political parties are in ideological transition, Sam Chen brings thoughtful analysis and youthful insight into every discussion. Thirteen Minutes is no different, providing helpful insights into the stressful realities of the political world...”
-HON. GORDON DENLINGER, Former Member, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Samuel S. Chen is an award-winning political and communications strategist and television host. He is the founder and principal director of The Liddell Group and serves as host of Face the Issues.


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