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The Bralphabet & Other Unmentionables by Ulysses Poe


Praise for
The Bralphabet & Other Unmentionables

These days, a split bananagraffe on T H E  S H R E W
or a set of prosopogostichs on the letter T cannot begin
to compete in degree of claptraposity with a White-
House-issued tweet fulminating on how many MAGA-
Hatted rally attendees might do the Texas Two Step
on a pinhead (no offense). But it’s for darn sure more
than willing – and, in the view of both the author and
legions of his readers, able – to give it a try…

About the Author:

Among poets dubb’d Po(e) folks note three.
There’s Ulysses. There’s Edgar. There’s Li.
Li impress’d Ezra Pound.
Edgar’s mind grew unsound.
(I forget who Ulyss-… Wait! That’s me!)

The Poe dubbed Ulysses frequently pilfers material from
blogger N. Smithe-Magee (the N stands for ‘Nonsense’)
who himself posts almost daily at his web site

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