Let Tomorrow Breathe by Jeannette Zink


Let Tomorrow Breathe is an eclectic selection of essays, poems, magical fiction and ageless stories … each intended to tease the whimsy from our evergreen youth and to net the ashes of our phoenix wisdom rising from life’s plentiful experiences. The assorted genres were penned in the hourglass sands of yesterday’s fragile dreams, today’s astute discoveries and tomorrow’s robust possibilities. Kindred spirits of rhythmic beats infuse the fringes of these thoughtful reflections and mystical narratives to harmonize for a quirky ice cream for breakfast kind of collection.


About the Author:

Jeannette Zink loves to play in her sandbox of imagination…words becoming stories, paints becoming art and photos becoming lifetime memories. She has always cherished the creative side of life and loves to share each new adventure with those interested in her artistic journey. Jeannette is a recent retiree a­fter serving with the United States Department of Education for the past 36 years. Her passion is helping others through the gift­ of the arts. Jeannette currently lives in Mustang, Oklahoma and enjoys being with her family and lively crew of nieces and nephews.

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