Dealers Choices: Race, Politics, and Poker by Rufus McKinney


Dealers Choices: Race, Politics & Poker is a book that describes the author’s relationships and experiences with a several men over a period of more than fifty years, which is centered around their mutual interest and love of the game of poker! Remarkably, all the men involved are well educated, relatively successful and accomplished professionals in a variety of occupations. The common thread is a dedication to the cause of civil and human rights for Blacks in America and in other parts of the world. They find that coming together regularly around the poker table strengthen their ties of friendship, but also helps to relieve some of the personal stresses that tend to build up because of the work they do for a living.

The book gives the reader a glimpse of the involvement of some of the players in several of the most impactful social and political events that have occurred in the last half century. For example, overcoming the effects of “Jim Crow” laws, securing voting rights and generally extending basic human rights protections to everyone in our society. It touches on changes that occur in players’ careers, marriages and families along the way but does not dwell on such matters. It is an easy read.  

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