Moses v. Trump by David Dorsen


David Dorsen has written an engrossing, cleverly plotted tale that will hold the reader’s interest to the very end.  Lawyers and laymen alike will enjoy the many well-written courtroom scenes. Derek Bok, former President of Harvard University, former Dean of Harvard Law School, and author of Higher Education in America and The Struggle to Reform Our Colleges


David Dorsen’s new novel has captured the moment.  He has created a convincing court proceeding in the era of Trump and with the inclusion of Trump.  It is sorely needed entertainment that puts Trump precisely where he should be.  John Dean, former counsel to President Richard M. Nixon, author of Blind Ambition, Worse than Watergate, The Nixon Defense, and a CNN contributor


I love it.  I recommend Moses v. Trump to anyone who is concerned about Trump’s abuses of power and disrespect for our institutions, legal and otherwise.  The novel combines superb legal workmanship with an eye for the outrageous.Nadine Strossen, Professor of Constitutional Law at New York Law School, Past President of the American Civil Liberties Union, and author of Hate, Why We Should Resist It with Free Speech, Not Censorship


A brilliant, witty, page-turning political parody that reads like the evening news. David Dorsen drops a Trump card. Frank Serpico, retired NYC Police Detective, corruption fighter, subject of the movie Serpico and the documentary Frank Serpico

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