Light in Dark Places: History in Verse by Marcia E. Cole

Light in Dark Places is a poetry collection divided into sections that reflect various eras and aspects of the African American experience. Each section is introduced by its historical context. The poems are inspired by slave narratives, historic documents, photographic images and whisperings of the ancestors.  By shining light in the dark places of our shared U.S. history we can create a foundation for understanding with the hope for a brighter, more productive future.
People Have Said…
“Thank you so much for sharing those stories and being committed to keeping those stories alive! Our history won’t be told unless we tell it. Your work and your efforts are deeply appreciated. God Bless.” ‒Tysarah Going for Freedom
“Thanks Marcia, we loved it!  I share your love of history.  The depth and level of detail was very much appreciated by our group” ‒Dan Going for Freedom
“Thank you for your invitation to True Accounts of Flight in Verse. I learned more about the perilous times for slaves.  Your inspirational poetry made the lives more real and made me understand them more.” ‒Mary   Going for Freedom
“Marcia, I wanted to say how much I appreciated how you contextualized your poems.  That gave them greater meaning and impact.”  ‒Elizabeth  A Bitter Suite
“I liked the spirit that was projected – The ability to retain sense of self in spite of oppression.” ‒A Matter of Worth
[I liked] “The passion and how it made me appreciate the many blessings I have now.” ‒A Matter of Worth
“Thank you for keeping the history of the enslaved African current and fresh.” ‒A Matter of Worth
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