Sushi in Ramallah by Michael Lieberman


Superbad meets the Oslo Accords in Sushi in Ramallah!

Adam Solomon is a law student who’s just embarked on a ten-day trip to Israel via The Sababa Project.  But when Adam meets the peers who will accompany him, he soon realizes that ten days on a luxury bus is far worse than forty years in the desert.  Adam finds himself disgusted by the hypocrisy of his busmates, whose newfangled faith in Judaism is repeatedly contradicted by their depraved behavior. Directing the program is Momo Kafritz, a middle-aged Israeli wrecking ball who imposes his will on the tour.  Led by Momo, Adam and his busmates walk unwittingly into tourist traps, propagandist rallies, and four star hotels.  Moreover, Solomon struggles to find what separates him from the Jewish-American royalty with which he shares the same rooms, drinks, and drugs.

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