The Iron Desert and Other Stories by Jeffrey M. Greene


“Now with each passing day we left the living world farther behind and penetrated deeper into some iron deity’s master plan, the apparent purpose of which was to replace organic life with a forged mirror of the world.”

In a post-historical future, five people embark on a journey into the Iron Desert, ‘the biggest empty spot on the map,’ seeking a legendary city that only their leader believes exists.

After a break-in, a man determined to protect his family tries a new security system:  a genetically engineered ‘watch-bug,’ in “The Running Stick.”

A used bookseller may have acquired the rarest book on Earth, in “The Loose Thread.”  

“Acceptance” will be difficult for Charlotte Krimski, who finds that the State has replaced her husband with a stranger.  

The Royal Succession is required viewing for every man, woman and child in “The Witnessing.”

In “The Second Occupation,” a couple must defend their home against legally sanctioned invaders.

In these and six other stories, Jeffrey M. Greene explores the  consequences of our overwhelming technological present, imagines contact with minds of an entirely different order, and continually challenges the reader to come to terms with the inexplicable. 

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