Woods Waters Peaks By Peter Bridges


PRAISE FOR Woods Waters Peaks

“Diplomats are more commonly associated with striped suits than with hiking gear, but Peter Bridges has been equally comfortable in both. His treks through the mountains of Europe, in the Foreign Service of his country, make for fascinating reading. And they raise the question: Where do I sign up?”

—H.W. Brands, author of The Heartbreak of Aaron Burr; Reagan: The Life; and The General vs. the President: MacArthur and Truman at the Brink of Nuclear War

“Peter Bridges has wanted to explore our planet since he was a kid. That is one reason he chose a Foreign Service career, rising to its highest levels. This book tells us the compelling reasons he also went into the wilds. I found his gripping tales one of the best travel narratives since the turn of the millennium. Read this book! You won’t be able to put it down. Neither could I.” 

                —Frank Kryza, author of The Power of Light and The Race for Timbuktu.

“Peter Bridges is a very American sort of diplomat. His curiosity about the world is boundless, and as this compulsively readable memoir of a life well spent shows, he likes walking in high places. From an endangered forest in Somalia, to the Corsican maquis, from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the Caucasus, it is a pleasure to follow this engaging and serious man in his travels, which are recounted in this charming memoir with brio and self-deprecating wit. Peter Bridges wears his considerable learning lightly, and he is excellent company—like this book.”

                —Laurence Pope, former Ambassador, author, lecturer.

“Until now I knew Peter Bridges as a distinguished diplomat, a tireless hiker in the mountains of Colorado, and a person deeply concerned with the health of our environment and society. What I have learned from this book is how widely he has traveled, trekked, and climbed in wilds around the world. He has summited the highest peaks in Colorado, New England, Britain, and Italy’s Apennines. He turned away from a career in academia, but I think the didactic urge is still with him, as witness his brief accounts of not just mountain trails but mountain histories—and of how glaciers and islands are disappearing as our world warms.  It’s an altogether fine book.”

                —Timothy E. Wirth, former U.S Senator from Colorado, U.S. Under Secretary of  State for Global Affairs, and President of the United Nations Foundation.

“Peter Bridges tells how during three decades of looking after U.S. interests abroad, he found time to set off, usually with wife Mary Jane, to remote wild places. He stole away from Washington to climb the highest peaks in Colorado and New England. Overseas, he went running in cities and racing in the Czech woods. I personally recall gasping when I learned he was jogging mornings while ambassador to Somalia. He has trekked across Austria, Corsica, Ireland and the Dolomites, climbed Stromboli to watch fire erupting from the crater, canoed into wilderness in Panama, and met a wolf on a ridge in Mongolia. Now he has gathered his outdoor recollections into an inspiring, history-laced memoir.”

                —Judith Harris, commmentator on modern Italy and author of Pompeii Awakened, A Story of Rediscovery; The Monster in the Closet, A Bumpy Ride down the Geneaology Trail; and Evelina, A Victorian Heroine in Venice

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