In Wait for Blood by Donald M. Rothberg


In Wait for Blood, a psychological thriller, sends shivers of fear into the reader’s heart. A serial killer is on the road in pursuit of delusional aspirations that he can right the wrongs committed by his father long ago. A writer becomes involved and tries to solve the case and prevent more murders. The dark nights persist and clouds cover the trail as you wonder who will be next victim.  


Published posthumously, Don Rothberg’s In Wait for Blood, written more than twenty years ago, leaps out from the dark recesses of his home-office closet to speak to us today about the challenges facing any investigator struggling to search for truth and justice. Rothberg’s brilliant novel emerges from the context of backroom deals made by Washington’s powerful political advisors who seek personal advancement in the guise of improving lives of for Americans. As a long-time Associated Press journalist, Rothberg had years of first-hand experience with the people he portrays so vividly in this highly-readable work.

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