Scissors, Paper, Rock by Walter Schmidt and Liz Carter


Sudoku puzzles are almost all composed only of nine numerical digital units. The constants in these puzzles can just as easily be composed of a set of eight colors in a rainbow plus white, or three less than twelve of calendar months, or simply nine zoo (or farm) animals. Digital units are small and uniformly shaped and, for that matter, so are Chinese characters. This book uses sets of nine valid words (which equally are valid Chinese characters) to create 177 valid solvable Sudoku puzzles. The same unit Chinese characters mostly occur only once in the puzzles resulting in a little over 1000 discretely different “digits.” Characters are grouped by theme, i.e. by characters that fit or can seem to fit together in different ways. Puzzles can be solved in any order and none of the puzzles duplicates the solution pattern of any other of the puzzles. The book can also be a Rosetta Stone between English words, Author, and Chinese characters both following the same theme.

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