The Power of a Butterfly by Catherine Andrews, Ed.D.


The Power of A Butterfly helps adults who love, live with, work or interact with children find practical ways to support them whenever they encounter the losses that life presents. The book offers suggestions for explaining serious illness and death and gives directions for navigating the grief journey when children are involved. Based on her observations of children’s use of play and spirituality to self-soothe in times of grief, the author has developed methods for creating a healing atmosphere. The use of art, play and books, along with the incorporation of techniques from energy psychology, are tools for accomplishing powerful grief work. The ideas are simple and practical, accessible to adults who just want to do something now. The book also presents the academic framework on which the practical and spiritual ideas are based. Illness, dying, death or loss of any kind can be challenging. This book is designed to help parents, relatives, teachers, coaches, babysitters and other adults support children as they experience loss.

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