Medusa the Lost Daughter by J.L Smith


Many are familiar with the tale of Medusa, the gorgon whose hair of snakes and deathly eyes turned men into stone. In the story of Perseus, the great hero uses her severed head to avenge his enemies. Medusa is a monster in most legends, not a human, a device of revenge and little more. But, what if there is more to her tale than that of a monster’s? Inspired by ancient Roman poet Ovid’s (Metamorphoses) brief reference to the once beautiful, human Medusa who fell victim to Poseidon’s lust and Athena’s vengeance, this series of narrative poems follows the tale of the innocent young woman who would become the infamous gorgon. Far from a monster, Medusa is a daughter whose fate is marred by tragedy, fatherly ambitions, and godly consequences. This is part one of a planned three part series.

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