Patches and the Baby Bunny by Cathy D. Knepper


ABOUT THE BOOK: A number of years ago, I spied my loving calico cat named Patches carrying around a baby bunny, just as she would carry a kitten.  It soon became apparent that she was attempting to care for the bunny, whose mother had probably fallen victim to a fox.  A friend suggested that the tale would make a good children’s story, and here it is. Set in one of my favorite places, the site of the Franklin Roosevelt Presidential Library, and featuring my heroine, Eleanor Roosevelt, Patches manages to raise the bunny in spite of a harrowing adventure or two.  The story is aimed for children two years and up.



Cathy Knepper’s first story for children is of the same place and time as her nonfiction for adults: all involve mid-twentieth century American history and feature Eleanor Roosevelt.  Her previous works are Jersey Justice: The Story of the Trenton Six, Dear Mrs. Roosevelt: Letters to Eleanor Roosevelt Through Depression and War, and Greenbelt, Maryland: A Living Legacy of the New Deal.


Illustrator Lucy Dirksen beautifully captures the real-life setting of Franklin Roosevelt’s home.  She is a book illustrator, silversmith, and visual arts teacher, inspired by children (including her three), nature, and the challenges of living a full life.

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