The Lost Book of Ghostland by Tina Bentrup


ABOUT THE BOOK: Unlike most ghost stories, The Lost Book of Ghostland is not about haunted humans. Indeed, the characters you will meet in these pages are not the ghosts OF anyone, but spirits in their own right, living in their own world. And they have more important things to do than scaring people. For Ghostland is under attack! This quirky supernatural epic is what might result if you crossed Casper the Friendly Ghost with The Lord of the Rings. Here you will find Old Spooky, the outrageous pipe-smoking, eyebrow-chewing sorcerer who leads his spectral army into battle; his mischievous slave apprentice Screechy who goes AWOL; Scratchy the kindly spelunker who gets lost above ground; and many more. Whether you are eight or eighty, The Lost Book of Ghostland issure to captivate you and keep you turning pages right to the end.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tina Inge Bentrup has been drawing and writing about ghosts ever since her childhood in Knoxville, Tennessee. A self-taught artist, she has moved around a lot and worked a variety of jobs (proofreader, printer’s devil, editor, librarian); but her steadfast ambition has always been to write and illustrate her own books. Now retired from the University of Tennessee Library, she and her husband live on a 5-acre farm, where she is currently hard at work on Volume 2 of the Ghostland series: Spooky on the Warpath! In her spare time she stays busy with farm chores, choral singing, and hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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