Musings Along the Way by Robin Blair


DAY ONE (email to my husband, Bill)

 “I am in heaven. Ive just had lunch in a medieval spot with brick walls and Basque linens, a bowl of thick, rich seafood stew, homemade breadeverything and everywhere is about pilgrimseveryone loves pilgrims and wants to helpI know, I know - I havent even started walkingI know I am in full blown honeymoon mode

LAST DAY (email from Bill to friends and family)

Dear Friends and Family:  The pint-sized pilgrim arrived today at the cathedral in Santiagoshe has walked 400 miles in 32 days, been frozen, baked, snowed on, sleeted on, rained on, chased by dogs, peed in 50 mph winds, fainted, contracted pilgrim flushe has made wonderful friendslost one shoe and 10 lbssays that she will burn her boots, that she is sunburned, and that she looks like a she-hag.

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