Agents of Suzharia by Wolf Bahren


Viktor Simonson, an American foreign correspondent in Russia, anonymously receives a packet of Arabic papers marked with an elaborate seal. A note clipped to them warns they provide clues to a terrorist plot. Obtaining a translation from his friend Michael Hussein, the Moscow bureau chief of a German daily, Viktor discovers the mysterious papers pertain to Suzharia, a war-torn region in the Caucasus Mountains. Michael dismisses the papers as nonsense, preferring to spend his spare time pursuing beautiful women like international trade lawyer Tatiana Ivanova and journalist Anna Jones. But Viktor has a hunch the papers harbor a deeper meaning. He follows a lead to Hamburg, where he meets Lilia, a Suzhari doctor who claims to know individuals named in the papers. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, Imam Mustafa Freeman struggles to understand changing times at his Chicago mosque. Mustafa and Viktor are propelled toward one another as they seek the truth in a world of violence and deception.

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