Rants, Raves, and Ruminations by Howard Eisner


This books is a miscellneous collection of writings, intended to bring a smile, or two, and provoke a thought, or two. Some would call it a random assemblage of random thoughts.

  • We have some advice for the psychiatrist which will clearly improve his life as well as the lives of his patients
  • Then we look at some headlines and partial articles pertaining to business and technology in the year 2020, and with 20-20 vision
  • After that, we acknowledge the many aggravations that so many of us face, but also see the bright sides of our lives that help inspire us
  • then we stare at several cartoons, trying to figure out their true meaning and if they're funny or not
  • And then we pause for a much slower look at a couple of short plays
  • After a musing or two about the plays, we proceed with ten short commentaries on topics that interested the author and hopefully will do the same with the reader
  • Which is followed by a short remembrance - a son who did very well for many years, and then lost his way
  • then we close with 52 very short "rambles", one for each week of the year, if you're so inclined

So it's a potpurri, and the author is pleased that you're taking the time to mull it over.

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