Live Networking Alive! by Debbie L. Parker, JD, CFP®


You have a business built on your energy and passion which drive you forward. You have a unique view of the world and you want to make a difference through your business. And you want financial success to support your dream.

Enter Live Networking Alive!, a down-to-earth guide book with a winning face-to-face networking strategy to spark rapport, attract clients, and network with confidence. Packed with straightforward vision and guidance, this book will lead you to spectacular networking results through:

- step-by-step instructions to take your networking from ordinary to sensational,
- tools to work the room like a pro as you connect with your target market,
- follow-up strategies to strengthen relationships with your high payoff contacts,
- multiple worksheets to personalize your action plan,
- your top ten list of Best-Ever Networking Tips to get your business rolling in a prosperous and winning direction,
- and much more.

Debbie L. Parker, JD, CFP®, is a coach and face-to-face networking expert, known for her practical, street-savvy style, whose coaching skills bring out the best in people and put them on the fast track for success. She lives in Chevy Chase DC, and you can find her at



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