Washington Metroland by Mark N. Ozer


Why? Where? And When? This book tells the story of the Metro system as part of the story of the Washington region. When first conceived and built in the 1960s, Washington D.C. was the national capital of a great country at a time when it was at its most prosperous. There was a consistent design throughout the system in accordance with the monumentality of the national capital. Now fifty years after its original design and thirty-five years after the opening of its first stations, it is second in ridership only to the far larger New York transit system. . We follow the existing and projected Metro lines after describing their origins in the roadways and the rail systems that largely preceded them. After considering the central transfer stations as an entity, each station on a line is described. The lives of significant personages provide a focus for the history of each station as we also explore its recent development as an urban node. “Washington Metroland” makes a great contribution to our understanding of the Washington Metro System. It nicely weaves together the earlier history of its sites with their contemporary form and function. Written in an engaging and accessible style, it is a valuable addition to Washingtoniana. –Jonathan L. Gifford, Director, Program in Transportation Policy, George Mason University School of Public Policy.

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