Practical Guide to the Cfi Checkride: Ebundle (Practical Exam Guide) (Paperback)

Practical Guide to the Cfi Checkride: Ebundle (Practical Exam Guide) By Gregg Brightwell Cover Image

Practical Guide to the Cfi Checkride: Ebundle (Practical Exam Guide) (Paperback)


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Earning a flight instructor certificate (CFI) is challenging and involves an immense amount of training, studying, preparation, and dedication. The national pass rate for first-time flight instructor applicants hovers around 20%--preparing for this checkride is no small feat.

This Practical Guide to the CFI Checkride clarifies in plain language exactly what flight instructor applicants must know and demonstrate during the oral portion of the FAA Practical Exam, eliminating eliminating any surprise about examiner expectations. Incorporated with the specific task elements from the appropriate Practical Test Standards/Airman Certification Standards, the concise information fills the gap between textbook learning and practical application, resulting in better-prepared applicants.

Even the most dedicated flight instructor applicant can become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information that must be mastered. This book will help you prioritize this information, consolidating thousands of pages of guidance guidance materials into language you can understand, remember, and quickly reference. Also, it includes the CFI Practical Test Standards (Airplane, Single-Engine) as an Appendix, and space is provided for you to take notes--this book is the ultimate study guide for the checkride.

Gregg Brightwell holds a B.S. in Aviation Science, CFI(I), CFII/MEI, and ATP certificates, and has worked for Cessna Aircraft Company as an Experimental Flight Mechanic, Production Flight Test Pilot, and Avionics Technician; currently he is in Flight Operations for Bombadier Learjet. He is passionate about aviation and loves the freedom flying offers, as well as sharing this with his students.
Product Details ISBN: 9781619547117
ISBN-10: 1619547112
Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics
Publication Date: August 11th, 2018
Pages: 196
Language: English
Series: Practical Exam Guide