The Integral Vision: A Very Short Introduction (Shambhala Pocket Library #28) (Paperback)

The Integral Vision: A Very Short Introduction (Shambhala Pocket Library #28) By Ken Wilber Cover Image

The Integral Vision: A Very Short Introduction (Shambhala Pocket Library #28) (Paperback)


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This pop culture presentation of Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach—an inclusive, visionary framework for understanding human potential—is as an easy introduction to his work

What if we attempted to create an all-inclusive map that touches the most important factors from all the world’s great traditions? Using all the known systems and models of human growth—from the ancient sages to the latest breakthroughs in cognitive science—Ken Wilber distills their major components into five simple elements, ones that readers can relate to their own experience right now.
With clear explanations, practical exercises, and familiar examples, The Integral Vision invites readers to share in the innovative approach to spiritual growth, business success, and personal relationships.

The Shambhala Pocket Library is a collection of short, portable teachings from notable figures across religious traditions and classic texts. The covers in this series are rendered by Colorado artist Robert Spellman. The books in this collection distill the wisdom and heart of the work Shambhala Publications has published over 50 years into a compact format that is collectible, reader-friendly, and applicable to everyday life.

Ken Wilber is the author of over twenty books. He is the founder of Integral Institute, a think-tank for studying integral theory and practice, with outreach through local and online communities such as Integral Education Network, Integral Training, and Integral Spiritual Center.

Product Details ISBN: 9781611806427
ISBN-10: 1611806429
Publisher: Shambhala
Publication Date: November 6th, 2018
Pages: 160
Language: English
Series: Shambhala Pocket Library
“Philosopher, psychologist, and mystic Wilber delivers on the subtitle’s far-reaching promise . . . Chock full of handsome illustrations and spare, Zen-like diagrams and tables, Wilber’s work here is still accessible and at times surprisingly practical. Some language spirals up majestically, recalling great Eastern texts. Reminiscent in spirit and watershed import of Ram Dass’s Be Here Now, Wilber may well have created a popular classic for explorers on the frontiers of humanity.”
Publishers Weekly

“[Wilber’s] heady multidimensional approach is deciphered in this spiffy full-color paperback filled with pop culture graphics, tables, and charts. If you are interested in consciousness, complexity, maps, multiple intelligences, and more, here is a comprehensive philosophy that puts it all together.”
Spirituality and Health