The Alphabet of Peculiar Creatures (Hardcover)

The Alphabet of Peculiar Creatures By Katie Abey Cover Image

The Alphabet of Peculiar Creatures (Hardcover)


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Move aside horses and tigers and make way for hyrax and tarsiers! The Alphabet of Peculiar Creatures gives some unique, unusual and underappreciated animals their chance in the limelight. Learn some weird facts about them too - did you know that the xenopus eats its own skin and the binturong smells like popcorn?
Product Details ISBN: 9781610678346
Publisher: Kane Miller Books
Publication Date: March 1st, 2019
Pages: 32
"This is one of those books everybody stands in line to check out. What have we got here? We've got a collection of some of the cutest, most charming animals with some of the most unpronounceable names that you've ever come across. We're trottin' through the alphabet animal by animal and discovering some faces and tails and smelly feet that are exotic and hilarious.'re going to love this."
-- A Book and a Hug

"Abey’s text introduces young readers to many cute, creepy, and unusual creatures. Her fun and colorful illustrations will delight readers. Each entry word has not only succinct information, but also has a simple, kid-friendly pronunciation guide. Teachers will appreciate that this book has STEM extensions. Highly recommended for any home, classroom or public library."
-- The Pirate Tree

"From Axolotl to Zebu, Katie Abey’s informational picture book features unusual and curious creatures for all 26 letters of the alphabet. Colorful, cartoonlike illustrations introduce the peculiar creatures and their scientific names and phonetic pronunciations. The brief, child-friendly text of interesting facts about the animals (such as a Binturong smells like popcorn, an Ermine changes coat color seasonally, and a Yeti Crab can grow food in its own claw hair) makes this book an excellent springboard for further investigation by young researchers interested in learning more about these peculiar creatures and other animal oddities on our planet."
-- Literacy Daily

"Kids who like wacky and weird will adore this book of unusual creatures starting with A for Axolotol and continuing to J for Jerboa and Z for Zebu. Each page shows an illustration of the animal plus the pronunciation and a sentence or two of information about the animal. I’m loving this book!"
-- Imagination Soup