Biogenealogy: Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness: Freedom from the Ancestral Origins of Disease (Paperback)

Biogenealogy: Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness: Freedom from the Ancestral Origins of Disease Cover Image

Biogenealogy: Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness: Freedom from the Ancestral Origins of Disease (Paperback)


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Reveals the psychic causes of illness and how to decode and resolve them

• Explains how we inherit illness from our ancestors via cellular memory and provides protocols for diagnosis and treatment

• Demonstrates how illness is an ally that enables individuals to restore balance to both their life and that of their family tree

Biogenealogy: Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness offers protocols for diagnosis and treatment for conflicts that can span generations. While the idea that emotional stress lies at the origin of every illness is becoming more readily acceptable today, it also is possible to trace the root cause of an illness to our ancestors--their unresolved psychic distress can become part of the cellular memory inherited by their descendants. Until the issue has been settled successfully, it will continue to trigger illnesses in the generations that follow to offset the mind’s inability to resolve the problem. Illness is the body’s way of protecting those who experience severe emotional shock or excessive amounts of stress.

Illness is therefore an ally, rather than the adversary conventional medicine purports it to be. Understanding illness in this way directs us to look for the psychic conflict that underlies it in order to eliminate the disease, rather than merely dealing with its overt physical symptoms. For example, diabetes, which creates excess sugar in the bloodstream, can be triggered by the stress caused by feelings of powerlessness: To compensate for the sense of powerlessness, the body manufactures more sugar to fuel the muscles. To stop this excess sugar production, the psychic distress beneath it must be resolved or it will be passed on to the next generation. When we discover the solutions that create harmony in the body and in our life, the body will no longer have to manufacture illness to restore a sense of balance, and illness will no longer be part of the bequest we leave our descendants.
Patrick Obissier is a therapist who specializes in the biodecoding of illness. Since the 1970s he has been studying numerous holistic therapies to address the role disease plays in humans, society, and the environment and the psycho-cerebro-physical effects that manifest in the human body. He lives in the south of France.
Product Details ISBN: 9781594770890
ISBN-10: 1594770891
Publisher: Healing Arts Press
Publication Date: January 10th, 2006
Pages: 192
Language: English
Biogenealogy: Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness raises fascinating questions for all physicians and patients to consider--to what extent are psychological, traumatic, and survival experiences of our ancestors passed to us through our DNA and to what extent must we consider transgenerational transmission of disease in our search for healing. Obissier presents compelling examples to support his ideas and raises questions that future research and practice must answer.”
— Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D., author of Coyote Medicine and Coyote Healing

"In a succinct and easy-to-read style, Obissier explains biological conflict, cold and hot stages of disease, allergies, miracle healing, destiny, the different types of biological programming, possible solutions the brain can adopt, and countless other relevant topics."
— David Paulsen, Ekaha Enchantments, National Review Network, Fall 2006

"Certainly, the idea that illness is not necessarily a curse but a challenge to change one’s life is implicitly wholesome. Also sound and constructive is the associated thought that all healing is essentially self-healing--the kind of wisdom that has been an integral part of Yoga and other spiritual traditions for millennia. To see this wisdom spelled out in scientific (neurolinguistic) terms is very helpful, and Obissier’s approach and writing style are positively encouraging."
— Georg Feuerstein, Traditional Yoga Studies, Nov 2006

"Patrick Obissier has written a book with a powerful thesis which it is impossible to dismiss and that is capable of changing profoundly the way we think of and seek to treat illness and disease."
— New Dawn, July-Aug 2007

" . . . a subtle metaphor for the principles that underlie the homeopathic understanding of human beings and their illnesses."
— Vatsala Sperling, M.S., Ph.D., The American Homepath, Nov 2008