The Language of Lenormand: A Practical Guide for Everyday Divination (Paperback)

The Language of Lenormand: A Practical Guide for Everyday Divination By Erika Robinson, Carrie Paris (Foreword by) Cover Image

The Language of Lenormand: A Practical Guide for Everyday Divination (Paperback)

By Erika Robinson, Carrie Paris (Foreword by)


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A much-needed guide to this increasingly popular divination system written by a Lenormand master and teacher.
“Whether you are a novice seeking to immerse yourself in the magic of Lenormand or a seasoned diviner eager to expand your understanding, The Language of Lenormand will be your steadfast companion.”
—from the foreword by Carrie Paris

The Language of Lenormand is one of the clearest guides ever written for this beloved divination system. Popular in Europe for centuries, the Lenormand deck, consisting of thirty-six numbered and named cards, has now been embraced in North America by cartomancers, tarot enthusiasts, oracle readers, and many others. Each card depicts an archetype—a fox, a snake, a coffin, or whip, for example—rather than tarot’s somewhat more involved symbology. This makes the Lenormand system an easy entry point to divination.
Widely respected authority Erika Robinson believes that Lenormand is not just a deck of cards but also a language that, if mastered, can help you achieve self-empowerment and the ability to attain the life you desire. A longtime English teacher, she helps readers become fluent in the language of Lenormand. This clearly written, accessible guide to the meanings of each card requires no prior knowledge of Lenormand, but is simultaneously a sophisticated book that takes Lenormand to the next level, providing greater insights and elucidation for those already familiar with it.
Erika Robinson, an African-American Lenormandist, is also an award-winning blogger. She is a frequent presenter at divination conferences in the United States and internationally, and she has contributed to The Cartomancer Magazine as well as other publications. Robinson lives and writes in Southern California. Find her at,, and on Instagram @divine_withme.
Product Details ISBN: 9781578638055
ISBN-10: 1578638054
Publisher: Weiser Books
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2023
Pages: 208
Language: English
“Erika Robinson uses her unique skill sets as both an English teacher and a seasoned diviner to lovingly introduce The Language of Lenormand from the ground up. Her pragmatic approach will have readers working with card combinations right from the first chapters in a way only a seasoned educator can accomplish. Readers will fall in love with these 36 cards that, when used in combinations, can uncover unlimited hidden knowledge.”
—Donnaleigh de LaRose, tarot and Lenormand educator, host of the cartomancy podcast, Beyond Worlds, Your Tarot Tribe

“Whether you’re a novice seeking to unlock the oracle’s mysteries or a seasoned practitioner eager to deepen your understanding of the fabulous Lenormand, The Language of Lenormand by Erika Robinson is an absolute must-read. With her invaluable guidance, you’ll embark on a transformative quest, gaining the tools, knowledge, and confidence to navigate the intricate word language of the Lenormand with grace, wisdom, and profound insight.”
—Alexandre Musruck, author of The Art of Lenormand Reading

“Erika Robinson’s background as an English teacher blends perfectly with her expertise in Lenormand. She walks the reader through the cards, incorporating very well-timed divinatory techniques and exercises, so that the information sinks in effortlessly. She then integrates the next piece of information, creating a natural flow that resembles the way a language is taught. The Language of Lenormand is indispensable for beginners and eye-opening for seasoned Lenormand readers and teachers.”
—María Alviz Hernando, director of the World Divination Association
“An amazing resource for all budding Lenormand readers, The Language of Lenormand by Erika Robinson seamlessly breaks the Lenormand deck down into bite-sized pieces, allowing readers to consider their own understanding of the system at each step. An easy-to-read guide with a personable touch that walks the reader through the labyrinth of Lenormand meanings and into an integrated system of reading, this book adds fun to the Lenormand system and enables the reader to enjoy every step of the process. A must-have for all!”
—Toni Savory, founder of the World Divination Association and coauthor of The Sirens’ Song: Divining the Depths with Lenormand and Kipper Cards
“Erika Robinson generously shares her joy and expertise in this exquisite Lenormand guidebook. She has cultivated an easy-to-understand and compelling method to engage with the cards, inviting us to explore and find ourselves through the ‘language of pictures.’ As someone who has created several Lenormand decks, I highly recommend this much-needed and beautifully expressed ‘how-to’ filled with personal experience, interpretations, and historical information. The Language of Lenormand goes far beyond teaching and inspires us to find the wonder in our lives.”
—Monica Bodirsky, creator of Shadowland Lenormand, Shadowland Tarot, and Between the Worlds: Shadowcasting with Bone and Curio Oracle Card
“Erika Robinson’s unique voice adds an edge to the information many in the Lenormand world already know, and yet may have never utilized. Where The Language of Lenormand really differs from other Lenormand books lies in Erika’s approach in emphasizing each card’s number, not just its meaning, so that reading a Grand Tableau becomes effortless. Her personal viewpoints and life experiences create a depth of narrative, allowing readers to feel comfortable in addition to creating a new perspective.”
—Callie L. French, illustrator of La Santa Muerte Lenormand and Rana George Lenormand
“A magical mélange of assorted practical teachings with hands-on exercises, The Language of Lenormand is a window into the passionate workings of the analytical wisdom of Erika Robinson, a marvelous Lenormand diviner. It is always a privilege to look through the eyes of an experienced diviner, let alone a Lenormand seer. Erika holds the reader’s hand and walks them step-by-step, offering warm guidance sprinkled with a playful wit. You will find yourself smiling while learning the Lenormand system through fresh eyes.” 
—Rana George, author of The Essential Lenormand: Your Guide to Practical and Precise Fortunetelling

“A complete and comprehensive course of study that will have an immense appeal and value to metaphysical students and readers with an interest in divination, The Language of Lenormand: A Practical Guide for Everyday Divination is exceptionally well written, organized, and presented so as to be of maximum value to the novice user and will have significant worth to even the more experienced practitioner.”
—Midwest Book Review