Masterful Health and Wellness Coaching: Deepening Your Craft (Paperback)

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Masterful Health and Wellness Coaching: Deepening Your Craft (Paperback)


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In Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching Dr. Arloski focuses on advancing the reader's understanding of the process of coaching in the health and wellness setting and guides the reader to a comprehensive level of expertise. Honing the craft as wellness coaches is the goal. Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching offers tools to become a true master of the history, research, scholarship, and techniques of wellness coaching at its highest level.

Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching is divided into three parts, beginning with a foundation that great coaching is about transformation. Changing behavior needs to be viewed not through a unitary lens, but in the context of growth and development. Arloski reveals how this can be done for the client, for the coach, and for the growing profession of wellness coaching. The second part focuses on "How to Be", that is, a coaches presence and way of being in the world and with a client, and the powerful effect this has upon the coaching process. Part Three takes a deeper dive into the craft of wellness coaching. Throughout Dr. Arloski references what can be learned from relevant theory and research.

Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching is tailored to coaches who want to go beyond the basics of "SMART Goals" and accountability, beyond tracking calories and sit-ups. It is for:

- Coaches who want to become scholars of coaching.

- Coaches who want to develop a greater understanding of the process of behavioral change.

- Coaches who want to learn more about wellness.

- Coaches who want to master what the entire field of health promotion has discovered about being well.

- Coaches who want to become skilled craftspeople.

- Coaches who want to meet their clients with understanding, empathy, and non-judgment.

Dr. Arloski believes that coaching isn't about all the things a client is doing wrong and how grim their situation is. It's about what is needed to ensure a successful future. Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching gives you the tools to start your client on the path to success and to coach him or her until their healthy-living skills are second nature.

The root of the word "coach" can be traced to a village in Hungary, Kocs, where carriages were made in the 1500's. Coaches love metaphors and what is better than this one: A "coach" takes you from where you are at to where you want to go. Perfect. The client is the one with the reins and it is the coaching process that facilitates the journey.

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Publication Date: August 1st, 2021
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