Fire Places: A Practical Design Guide to Fireplaces and Stoves (Paperback)

Fire Places: A Practical Design Guide to Fireplaces and Stoves By Jane Gitlin Cover Image

Fire Places: A Practical Design Guide to Fireplaces and Stoves (Paperback)


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What more appealing scene can you conjure up on a wintry day than a pair of comfortable armchairs pulled up to a crackling fire while wisps of smoke curl from the chimney top? All your senses are in use--the sight of the flickering flames, the sound of the crackling logs, the warmth on your face, and the fragrance and taste of wood smoke. The hearth truly is the essential core of every home, whether it is an actual fireplace or merely a mantel displaying the treasures and trophies of intertwined lives. Long past the days of strictly utilitarian purpose, fireplaces and stoves are a design feature in their own right. They are available in an array of styles, sizes, and colors; offer a variety of fuel choices; and feature benefits beyond mere aesthetics, including heat and cooking. Fireplaces and heat sources are also widely found in many rooms throughout the house, including the family or living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, as well as outdoors. And the latest innovations in fireplace and stove technologies make having one no longer an expensive proposition.
While the building market is seeing growth in the fireplace market, so too is the remodeling marketplace. In fact, many homeowners are refacing their existing fireplace, upgrading their wood fireplace to gas, or simply installing a new faux fireplace where there wasn't one before. In this book readers will find hundreds of examples of all types of indoor fireplaces--from wood to gas, freestanding, and ventless--and stoves, both wood and pellet. In addition to gorgeous photos of a full range of fireplace styles, materials, and decor for indoor and outdoor fireplaces and stoves, solid information on practical designconsiderations--maintaining a fireplace or stove, remodeling an existing fireplace, safety, converting a wood-burning fireplace to gas, and the like--are explained in detail, making this the only book on the market to offer the breadth of content on both the design and practical components of all types of the latest indoor and outdoor fireplaces and stoves. Aesthetic and practical design considerations for hearths and mantels, built-ins and storage, lighting, and accessories like screen, brooms, and bellows are also covered. A thorough glossary, resources, and index provide reference-like information.
Product Details ISBN: 9781561588350
ISBN-10: 1561588350
Publisher: Taunton Press
Publication Date: November 14th, 2006
Pages: 208
Language: English

Whether you crave a fireplace as a source of heat or a center of ambience, Fire Places can help you sort through the choices. Gitlin, an architect, provides a thorough look at types of fireplaces and their construction, as well as the many materials and design possibilities for indoor and outdoor fireplaces. She also includes information on stoves and wood alternatives such as gas, corn and pellets. The many photos that illustrate the book provide inspiration. --The Kansas City Star

Fireplaces were originally all about function, but today they're valued at least as much for their charm as for the warmth they generate. Everyone wants a fireplace. And while it's neither easy nor inexpensive to install one in an existing space, such an addition can be successful as long as potential problems are identified and addressed. I urge anyone who's thinking about adding a wood stove or fireplace, indoors or out, to consult this book. --Rita St. Clair, Tribune Media Services Inc