Grilled Chicken 123: A Collection of 123 Grilled Chicken Recipes for Every Grilling Artists (Paperback)

Grilled Chicken 123: A Collection of 123 Grilled Chicken Recipes for Every Grilling Artists By Annie Kate Cover Image

Grilled Chicken 123: A Collection of 123 Grilled Chicken Recipes for Every Grilling Artists (Paperback)


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You are a person addicting dishes from chicken, but you are too fed up with boiled, deep- fried, steamed chicken Don't worry because I will help you to discover the very awesome and delectable dishes from chicken They are GRILLED CHICKEN RECIPES.

In America, chicken is one of the most popular ingredients in American's meals because it is very CHEAP and it also has a full of ESSENTIAL NUTRITIVES for our body. Although chicken process is quite simple, chicken processing diversification for each daily meal is not easy. That means if we eat same dishes a lot such as boiled chicken, deep- fried chicken or steamed chicken, it easily cloys our appetite. So let's discover new and interesting chicken recipes right now

My book will show you the ways to process GRILLED CHICKEN by many different awesome methods and recipes with EASY and SIMPLE directions. It includes:
  • One: BBQ & Grilled Chicken Skewers and Kabob Recipes
  • Two: BBQ & Grilled Chicken Breasts
  • Three: BBQ & Grilled Chicken Salad Recipes
  • Four: BBQ & Grilled Whole Chicken Recipes

These recipes in the book will bring to you many interesting ideas in processing the chicken. They also will be healthy and fully nutritive dishes. So, let's get started

Enjoy the very best,

Annie Kate

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Hi my dear cooking lovers. I am sure that if you read my books, you knew that I am a very cooking lover, when I was a little girl and my passion is from my mother- a cooking lover too. For the new friends, or whoever want to know about my biography, I will introduce about myself. I am Annie Kate- a normal girl but having a big passion with cooking. When I was a little girl, I loved the dishes my mother made for me. My mother is very good at cooking, and my passion with cooking is from her. The passion grows up with the little girl through the years. Up to now, I still love sitting at the kitchen as the first time I was touched the pans, the pots, and anything in my kitchen. Thus, I decided to create a series about cooking and each will focus on one theme, or one type of dish that can be easy to prepare and cook. The last thing I want to tell you is that you don't need any great skills or experiences in cooking, you only need a big passion and a little bit patience, you will create many delicious dishes for your lovely children, family, or your friends! Let's get ready to enter the cooking lover's world!
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