Minimalism: How To Declutter, De-Stress And Simplify Your Life With Simple Living (Paperback)

Minimalism: How To Declutter, De-Stress And Simplify Your Life With Simple Living By Simeon Lindstrom Cover Image

Minimalism: How To Declutter, De-Stress And Simplify Your Life With Simple Living (Paperback)


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Today, a growing number of people are becoming dissatisfied with their lives and turning to simpler ways of working, living and raising their children.

This book will explore the philosophy of minimalism and how it can streamline your life, declutter your home, reduce stress and reconnect you to what's truly important.

You'll find ways to adopt a mindset that promotes simplicity and elegance in your every day life, and rethink your dependence on material possessions.

Whether in our wardrobes, kitchens, work lives or our deeper sense of personal and spiritual purpose, we could all do with focusing on things that align with our values and reducing the distraction of those things that pull us away from them. This book shows you how.

For those born and raised in the height of our consumer society, the idea that happiness and personal fulfillment is found in stuff is more or less a given.

The capitalist machine we all live within requires only one thing of us: that we should constantly want, and the things we should want are to be found, usually, in malls. Malls that are filled with strategically placed advertising, with the sole purpose to entice and lure you, trying to convince you that you need, not want, their specific product. Our economy relies heavily on a steady stream of consumption: better clothes, cars, bigger houses and things to fill those houses with, the newest appliances, Christmas decorations, pet toys, jewelry, office furniture, pot plants, gaming consoles, specialty tires, luxury soaps... the array of stuff is simply dazzling.

But if you are reading this there's a chance you find this overabundance just a little... exhausting. Paradoxically, there seems to be a sad sort of emptiness in filling up one's life with more things. What is simple and truly valuable often seems to be completely hidden under mountains of what is unnecessary. Although advertising tells us the best way to solve problems is to buy solutions, tranquility and a graceful life seem to elude us, no matter what we buy or how much of it.

Minimalism is an aesthetic, a philosophy and a way of life. This book takes a look at how deeply liberating a simpler life can be, and shows you ways you can adopt a calmer, more deliberate way of living and working. Minimalism is about clearing away the clutter that is distracting from what is really important. It's about rethinking our attitudes to ownership, to our lifestyles and to our innermost values.

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Hi there! My name is Simeon and I'm a poet and a philosopher at heart, a health and fitness enthusiast by habit, a daredevil by choice, and a adrenaline junkie for life. Some of my academic endeavors encompass the following: cognitive neuroscience, applied positive psychology, sports and exercise science, and evidence-based psychological coaching. I currently work as a life coach and health counselor with people who want to make realistic, autonomous, and lifelong changes in various areas of their lives. Take care! /Simeon
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