Build Location Apps on IOS with Swift: Use Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Mapbox to Code Location Aware Mobile Apps (Paperback)

Build Location Apps on IOS with Swift: Use Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Mapbox to Code Location Aware Mobile Apps By Jeffrey Linwood Cover Image

Build Location Apps on IOS with Swift: Use Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Mapbox to Code Location Aware Mobile Apps (Paperback)


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Chapter 1: Creating your first MapKit app

Getting Started
Adding a Map
Adding a Pin to your Map

Chapter 2: Getting the user's location

Understanding CoreLocation
Privacy and Location Permissions
Using the Core Location Location Manager (CLLManager)

Chapter 3: Displaying points of interest on a MapKit map

Displaying multiple pins on a MapKit map
Customizing the appearance of those pins
Displaying annotations for pins
Customizing the annotations

Chapter 4: Searching for Points of Interest with MapKit

Getting started with MKLocalSearchRequest
Providing search inside your app for points of interest
Limiting that search to the region displayed on the map
Displaying the points of interest on a map

Chapter 5: Providing Route Directions from MapKit

Introduction to Apple's routing
Building a walking tour app
Sending a routing request to the API
Displaying directions in a list within the Apps

Chapter 6: Working with Geofences in CoreLocation

Setting up geofences
Listening for geofence triggers
Displaying a local notification inside the app
Removing geofences from the app

Chapter 7: Getting Started with Google Maps SDK for iOS

Introduction to Google Maps on iOS
Differences between Google Maps for the Web and iOS
Setting up Google Maps for iOS
Displaying a Google map in the app
Displaying a pin and a callout in the app
Changing the layers used by the map

Chapter 8: Using Google Places with iOS

Requirements for using Google Places in your app
Getting started with the Google Places API
Providing search inside your app for Google Places
Displaying Google Places locations on a map

Chapter 9: Using Directions with the Google Directions API

Introduction to the Google Directions API
Building a package delivery app
Using the Google Directions API

Chapter 10: Getting Started with Mapbox for iOS

Signing up with Mapbox
Installing the Mapbox library
Displaying a basic map
Adding an annotation to the map
Displaying different map layers

Chapter 11: Customizing Map Styles with Mapbox

Introduction to customization
Customizing map colors
Turning off features for a simpler map
Collaborating with designers on Mapbox maps

Chapter 12: Turn by Turn Navigation with Mapbox

Introduction to Mapbox Navigation API
Building a rideshare app
Using the Mapbox Navigation API

Chapter 13: Using Offline Maps with Mapbox

Introduction to offline mapping
Downloading map tiles from Mapbox
Using offline map tiles in your map
Considerations for offline tile management.

Jeff Linwood is an experienced author who has worked on many iOS and Android apps that use maps or location functionality. He's also taught and mentored college student application teams as they develop their first apps. In teaching, he noticed a lack of good sample applications and tutorials for map and location applications. He'd like to create the definitive book for developers creating these types of apps.
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Publisher: Apress
Publication Date: August 13th, 2020
Pages: 254
Language: English