Surface Treatments for Improved Performance and Properties (Sagamore Army Materials Research Conference Proceedings #26) (Paperback)

The Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center in coop- eration with the Materials Science Group of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science of Syracuse University has been conducting the Annual Sagamore Army Materials Research Conference since 1954. The specific purpose of these conferences has been to bring together over 150 scientists and engineers from academic institutions, industry and government who are uniquely qualified to explore in depth a subject of importance to the Department of Defense, the Army and the scientific community. These proceedings, entitled SURFACE TREATMENTS FOR IM- PROVED PERFORMANCE AND PROPERTIES, address the Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Surfaces, Emerging Surface Modi- fication Techniques, Surface Structure and Mechanical Proper- ties, and Relationships between Properties and Processing for Non-metric Materials. We wish to acknowledge the dedicated assistance of JoseDh M. Bernier of the Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center and Helen Brown DeMascio of Syracuse University throughout the stages of the conference planning and finally the publication of this book. The continued active interest and support of these con- ferences by Dr. E. Wright, Director of the Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center, is appreciated. Syracuse University Syracuse, New York The Editors vii CONTENTS SESSION I 1. Surface Modification for Improved Properties. . . . . . .. 3 P. A. Parrish SESSION II PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF SURFACES P. Ficalora, Moderator 2. Characterization of Surfaces. 19 H. K. Herglotz 3. Reaction Kinetics 51 J. B. Hudson 4. Surfac e Treatments for Enhanced Bonding Between Inorganic Surfaces and Polymers ........ .
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