Sugar Brain Fix: The 28-Day Plan to Quit Craving the Foods That Are Shrinking Your Brain and Expanding Your Waistline (Hardcover)

Sugar Brain Fix: The 28-Day Plan to Quit Craving the Foods That Are Shrinking Your Brain and Expanding Your Waistline By Mike Dow Cover Image

Sugar Brain Fix: The 28-Day Plan to Quit Craving the Foods That Are Shrinking Your Brain and Expanding Your Waistline (Hardcover)


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In this new edition of Diet Rehab, best-selling author and brain-health expert, Dr. Mike Dow, shows how sugar effects brain chemistry, and provides new research on dieting and hypnosis.

What makes a healthy brain? The answer is simpler than you think.

In Diet Rehab, Dr. Mike Dow shared a simple, yet powerful plan to help readers kick their food addictions. Since then, Dr. Dow has gone on to become a New York Times best-selling author, and has continued to research and publish books extensively on improving brain health. Over the past five years, he's gathered even more data that shows how our standard American diet is harming our brains and our bodies--and what we can do about it. In 2015, the first human study linking the blood-sugar spiking Western diet and a smaller hippocampus was published. There is now scientific proof that sugar is shrinking the brain!
With The Sugar Brain Fix, Dr. Dow takes a closer look at how sugar effects brain chemistry, and the ways we can fix it. The book features cutting-edge research and Dr. Dow's modified Mediterranean diet--the best diet for brain health and wellness.
The Sugar Brain Fix will also incorporate research about hypnosis, and other activities to naturally boost brain health. At its core, The Sugar Brain Fix is a cognitive behavioral guide for boosting serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain with a new-and-improved diet and natural mind-set shifts, while improving overall health. The diet has a clinically proven, 3-prong approach: 1) eliminate sugar, 2) boost Mediterranean-diet-friendly fats, 3) increase probiotics.
Dr. Mike Dow is a psychotherapist, best-selling author, and brain-health expert. Dr. Mike has hosted shows on TLC, E!, VH1, and Investigation Discovery. He is a recurring guest co-host on The Doctors, is one of The Dr. Oz Show's core experts, and has made regular appearances on TODAY, Good Morning America, The Talk, Rachael Ray, Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show, Dr. Drew on Call, The Meredith Vieira Show, Ricki Lake, Anderson Live, and Bethenny. He is also a contributor for the Huffington Post. Dr. Mike holds a master of science degree in marriage and family therapy and a doctorate in psychology. He is in private practice in Los Angeles. You can hear him weekly on Hay House Radio's The Dr. Mike Show.
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Publication Date: January 14th, 2020
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“Sugar isn’t just bad for your body—it hurts your brain too. Mike’s program will walk you through how to kick the sugar and reclaim your brain through a powerful combination of simple behavioral shifts and delicious healing foods.”
JJ Virgin, New York Times best-selling author, The Sugar Impact Diet

“If you feel your brain is out of control you need this book. It is based on science and solid clinical experience. It will help grow your most precious organ—your brain.”
Daniel Amen, M.D., founder of Amen Clinics and New York Times best-selling author of Feel Better Fast and Make It Last

“Providing the brain with moments of stillness, silence, and serenity are essential in our modern world. Mike’s technique is yet another tool to put in your arsenal of clinically validated practices.”
Dr. Susan Albers, Psy.D., New York Times best-selling author of Eat Q and 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food

“Get rid of the toxic gunk that is shrinking your brain. Dr. Mike will help you and your brain glow.”
Naomi Whittel, New York Times best-selling author of Glow15

“Our national addiction to sugar is the basis of much of the chronic disease and poor health in our country. Dr. Mike Dow’s revolutionary new book, The Sugar Brain Fix combines groundbreaking science with easy-to-implement strategies to help you look and feel your best. A must-read for both doctors and patients everywhere.”
Anthony Youn, M.D., best-selling author of The Age Fix

“Sugar is a brain-shrinking, waist-expanding molecule that divorces its whole food source and often couples up with saturated fats (hello, doughnut!), leading to an addictive cycle of eating foods that lack nutritional value, but possess the power to kill: heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. As a staunch advocate of whole-food, plant-based eating, I commend Dr. Mike Dow for providing sugar lovers with a program that really works. Of course, I particularly love the vegan options!”
Kristi Funk, M.D., breast cancer surgeon and best-selling author of Breast: The Owner’s Manual

The Sugar Brain Fix illuminates the fact that too many American families eat a diet that is not only unhealthy, but hazardous to long-term brain health. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting or needing to improve their nutrition and overall health. Dr. Mike’s program will help parents incorporate brain-boosting foods into their everyday diet—which can in turn help them model healthy food habits to their kids—important for everyone’s future health!”
Tanya Altmann, M.D., FAAP, founder of Calabasas Pediatrics Wellness Center and author of What to Feed Your Baby and Baby and Toddler Basics

“In this brilliant book, Dr. Mike has captured the essential ingredients you can easily implement to bring your brain chemistry back into balance and free you from addictive patterns. With this effective 28-day program, you will detox from the foods that drain your energy and make your brain foggy, while adding activities to enhance your mental clarity and overall vitality. I highly recommend putting this into action today!”
Andrea Pennington, M.D., founder of In8Vitality and best-selling author of I Love You, Me!

The Sugar Brain Fix is a must-read for anyone who wants to keep their brain as healthy as possible while simultaneously trimming their waistline. By helping readers understand which foods to avoid and which foods to embrace, Dr. Dow’s 28-day plan will undoubtedly change the lives of people around the world.”
Nita Landry M.D., recurring co-host of the Emmy Award-winning series, The Doctors

“Through 20 years of studying the human body, I would consider excess processed sugar and lack of consistent moderate exercise the two biggest health threats in the developed world. Dr. Dow’s ‘Kediterranean’ diet is rock solid nutritionally and has enough flexibility to be used as the foundation for a lifestyle of healthy eating, years beyond the 28-day fix. Additionally, Dr. Dow draws upon years of mental health experience to help the reader find the ‘why’ of change making, so that they are far more likely to succeed. This book has the power to change lives.”
Dr. Jedidiah Ballard, ER physician, former U.S. Army Ranger, and Men’s Health Magazine, Ultimate Guy