Modern Ferrites, Volume 2: Emerging Technologies and Applications (Hardcover)

Modern Ferrites, Volume 2: Emerging Technologies and Applications By Vincent G. Harris (Editor) Cover Image

Modern Ferrites, Volume 2: Emerging Technologies and Applications (Hardcover)

By Vincent G. Harris (Editor)


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A robust exploration of the basic principles of ferrimagnetic and their applications

In Modern Ferrites: Volume 2, renowned researcher and educator, Vincent G. Harris delivers a comprehensive overview of ferrimagnetic phenomena and discussions of select applications of modern ferrite materials in emerging technologies and applications. Volume 2 explores fundamental properties of ferrite systems, including their structure, chemistry, and magnetism, as well as practical applications, such as permanent magnets; inductors, inverters, and filters; and their use in emerging applications as metamaterials, multiferroics, and biomedical technologies.

In addition to the properties of ferrites, the included resources explore the processing, structure, and property relationships in ferrites as nanoparticles, thin and thick films, compacts, and crystals. The authors discuss how these relationships are key to realizing practical device applications laying the foundation for next generation communications, radar, sensing, and biomedical technologies.

This volume includes:

  • A comprehensive review of ferrite discoveries and impacts upon ancient cultures, their scientific evolution, and societal benefits;
  • Discussion of the origins of magnetism in ferrimagnetic oxides including superexchange theory, GKA-rules, and recent developments in density functional theory;
  • In-depth examination of ferrite power conversion and conditioning components and their processing as low temperature co-fired ceramics;
  • Ferrite-based electromagnetic interference suppression and electromagnetic absorption;
  • Nonlinear microwave devices; multiferroic and emerging magnetoelectric devices;
  • Biomedical applications of ferrite nanoparticles

Perfect for RF engineers and magnetitians working in the fields of RF electronics, radar, communications, and spintronics as well as other emerging technologies.

Modern Ferrites will earn a place on the bookshelves of engineers and scientists interested in the ever-expanding technologies reliant upon ferrite materials and new processing methodologies.

Modern Ferrites Volume 1: Basic Principles, Processing and Properties is also available (ISBN: 9781118971468).

Vincent G. Harris, PhD, is an engineer, scientist, educator, inventor, entrepreneur, and science policy fellow and analyst with over 30 years' experience in the development of science and technology of ferrite materials and their diverse applications. He is a University Distinguished Professor and William Lincoln Smith Chair Professor at Northeastern University, recognized as an international leader in the materials science of RF materials, devices, components, and systems. His research includes materials design and the study of processing, structure, and properties of a wide range of electronic materials.
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