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Single (Paperback)


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Are you dating anyone?

Why does that always seem to be the first question out of someone's mouth when you are catching up? It is a question that has beaten young people down and made them feel like failures for centuries (probably). But the truth is, many teenagers and young adults are better off going through seasons of singleness. Singleness is often treated as a problem that needs a solution. But singleness is not a problem. Singleness is a gift.

We know that God has a plan for each and every one of us, but relationships seem to be one of the more difficult aspects of that plan for people to trust in. You would be surprised what you can glean from a time of singleness when you know what to strive for. It is God's desire to use singleness as a time for deep personal growth. It is a time to refine your understanding of who God is and how He sees you.

In Single, Bethanne Milton presents the opportunities for spiritual and emotional growth that come through singleness. Intertwined are stories of her own experiences as an adolescent and college-age single woman battling against a culture that questions why anyone would be or should be single.

Milton addresses many different topics that fall under the umbrella of "singleness." From questions about why we feel alone and what love really is, to the kinds of spiritual and personal growth that may need to occur before seeking out a relationship; from what scripture actually says about relationships and singleness, to what it could mean to really give God control over your relationships. Milton presents her ideas and insight into Christian relationships, culminating in one main idea:

Singleness is not an obstacle; it is an opportunity.

Product Details ISBN: 9781098061692
ISBN-10: 1098061691
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Pages: 102
Language: English