Exactly How It's `Posed to Be (Paperback)

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Exactly How It's `Posed to Be (Paperback)


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From the moment Glen Russell stepped onto the campus of Winton College, one of the nation's most prestigious HBCU's, not a single thing has gone right. From rain on move-in day; to the should've-predicted-it-but-somehow-didn't tardiness of his best friend and ride to Winton, Reshard; to multiple uses of "Gilbert," his real (and very much hated) first name, Glen's first day at college is nothing like he planned. To top it all off, a computer glitch forces him into a dorm room with an unexpected pair of roommates for the entire semester-the super-religious Braylon Davis, and the exasperating ladies-man, Grayson Stewart. The three couldn't be more dissimilar. One of them fights to put an end to his hidden virginity, while another proudly wears his as a badge of honor. And the third...well, his enviable exploits may get him killed As the scholastic and social expectations of college begin to collide, these three young men handle things differently, making choices that ultimately lead to powerful, life-altering consequences.

"Exactly How It's 'Posed To Be" is the journey of young men navigating two different worlds. The first, filled with the joy and clout of casual sexual hook-ups is the one every young man seems to want to live in. Meanwhile the other world-a call to do things God's way and actually wait until marriage for sex-is not just unpopular, it's rarely considered today. The choices Glen and the other young men make regarding these two worlds during their freshman year at Winton will impact them for the rest of their lives.

Product Details ISBN: 9780999524626
ISBN-10: 0999524623
Publisher: Our Inspiring Stories
Publication Date: March 11th, 2023
Pages: 494
Language: English