Dear Timothy The End Has Come & Here's What to Expect: The Final Seven Years (Paperback)

Dear Timothy The End Has Come & Here's What to Expect: The Final Seven Years By Paula Cross Cover Image

Dear Timothy The End Has Come & Here's What to Expect: The Final Seven Years (Paperback)


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Is it Really the End?

This Letter to the author's son outlines the seven year tribulation and roughly when the rapture of the blameless occurs. It shows exactly where we are on the timeline - and gives substantial insight as to different events that will unfold between September 2023 to 2030 - and beyond. But it's written in as easily understood fashion for those who aren't as familiar with the Bible. This brief book, though packed with information, provides a solid overview of the truth that lies ahead.

Many, if not most people, will not acknowledge that we are in the final seven years before Jesus Christ returns to reign on the earth. But if these last seven years haven't begun by the end of 2023, they surely will by the end of 2024. Paula Cross has been studying the Bible closely, with determination to strictly know the truth, constantly seeking God on her every point of interpretation, having zero bias except that it's the truth. Consequently, Paula demonstrate that Jesus will be back with the Millenial Reign of Christ beginning in 2031. And her passion is to teach and warn as many people as possible.

Ironically, Paula has a son, named Timothy, and he has a grandmother, named Lois, just like the Apostle Paul had his spiritual son, Timothy, who had a grandmother, Lois, in the Bible. This was't planned. Timothy's father named him. Later, when Paula learned of the irony of their names, she knew her Timothy would be one of her prodeges. The problem is he has literally and painfully been lost in the wilderness for years. In fact, he's been so out of her reach that she hasn't been able to talk to him like she can her other children. So that is why this letter was written to him. However, it's not meant for her Timothy alone It is meant for anyone and everyone who wants to know what is going on in the world. This book is a simple but thorough explanation and overview of the entire seven year tribulations as revealed in the Bible. It's a summarized breakdown of how the final 7 years before Christ comes back will unfold. It also explains her unique, never before taught perspective as to WHEN the final three Feasts of the Lord will be fulfilled. And her theory aligns perfectly with her final seven year outline.

This letter further explains how the rapture is connected to the Feast of Atonement. And it exposes the truth that the 2023 "Revelation 12 Sign" as a Counterfeit, along with when and why other certain events transpire, including the timeframe that the rapture and the Great Tribulation occur. And this letter even explains WHY these seven years of tribulation have to transpire in the first place - as well the imperative necessity and how to be safe throughout it all.
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Publication Date: September 20th, 2023
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