Life is Terminal: A Doctor's Common Sense Guide for Making it to the End (Paperback)

Life is Terminal: A Doctor's Common Sense Guide for Making it to the End By Arthur H. Parsons Cover Image

Life is Terminal: A Doctor's Common Sense Guide for Making it to the End (Paperback)


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Everyone ages. Accidents happen. Illness is a fact of the human condition. No one lives forever. Life is terminal. You know all these things. Yet few people these days seem to have embraced these common sense realities. Author Arthur H. Parsons M.D. thinks it's time they did.

Bombarded from all sides by half-truths, misconceptions and outright lies about health in the media and on the Web, these days it's hard to apply even what common sense you have to figure out if you should be following those health gurus, celebrities, social media darlings, or even your best friend's advice. In Life is Terminal: A Doctor's Common Sense Guide for Making it to the End, Dr. Arthur Parsons challenges you to figure out where you lack common sense, then provides guidance for confronting the often unpredictable twists and turns you will face as you move toward the inevitable end of your life. Whenever that might be.

After 45 years as a family physician, Dr. Parsons knows a thing or two about the lack of common sense when it comes to people's health and their lives, and he's on a quest to help us recognize our own common sense and apply it to the health care we seek and life we lead.

Beginning by defining a "common sense" approach to life and health, Life is Terminal will get in your face about confronting your personal beliefs about health and health care, including who you listen to when it comes to your health.

After breaking down your attitudes and beliefs about health, health care and life, Dr. Parsons helps you to figure out how to use your own innate common sense to deal with your health journey by taking responsibility for your own actions and refusing to become a victim.

THE AUTHOR: Dr. Arthur H. Parsons practiced family medicine, obstetrics and clinical hypnotherapy for 45 years. A graduate of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine on Canada's east coast, Parsons was a partner in Atlantic Offshore Medical Associates for 33 years, providing occupational health and medical services to off-shore oil companies in the North Atlantic. He chaired the Canadian Medical Association's Ethics Committee for ten years, and was president of the Canadian Association of Medical Clinics. He is the author of four previous books includng When Older is Wiser: A Guide to Healthcare Decisions for Older Adults and Their Families (Doubleday Canada) and Patient Power The Smart Patient's Guide to Health Care (University of Toronto Press). Dr. Parsons currently lives in Toronto.

Product Details ISBN: 9780995888203
ISBN-10: 0995888205
Publisher: Arthur Parsons
Publication Date: September 1st, 2019
Pages: 252
Language: English