Book 5: Coleman Gas Lanterns (Paperback)

Book 5: Coleman Gas Lanterns By Gaye Levy (Foreword by), Ron Brown Cover Image

Book 5: Coleman Gas Lanterns (Paperback)

By Gaye Levy (Foreword by), Ron Brown


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★★★ Reader Feedback: Yabadabadoo Read it from cover to cover upon receipt. Great info, perspective, and writing style. - Brian Swift

● Coleman Gas Lanterns is Book 5 of our Non-Electric Lighting Series. At this point, we've gone through candles and olive oil lamps and kerosene wick-type lamps and we've arrived at Book 5 - Coleman Gas Lanterns. Translation: It's time to hop off the porch and hitch up your big-boy pants.

★★★ Reader Feedback: If you collect or use semi-vintage Coleman lanterns you want this book. So much of the information was new to me even after 40 years of using them. The information on fuels other than Coleman-brand naphtha (white gas) is worth many times the price. - Reasonable Rascal

● Coleman Gas Lanterns contains 11,500 words, 67 B&W illustrations, and is 70 pages long. It's available in Kindle eBook format as well as paper.

★★★ Reader Feedback: A very good, informative book . . . I'm glad I bought it. - Todd Benson

● Pressure lanterns, though not as convenient as throwing a wall switch, will produce light on par with electric.

● Do you know the difference between Coleman Quick-Lite and Coleman Instant-Lite? You probably should if you're into prepping. It's nice to speak the language. It's nice to go to a flea market and know what you're looking at.

● Do the newer Coleman Dual Fuel lanterns really burn automobile gas like the ads say? This book has some first-hand test results. Plus recommendations about what to buy and what to avoid.

● And this book has an excellent section on carbon monoxide. YouTube has both good info and bad on carbon monoxide. But do you know which is which? Wouldn't it be nice to REALLY understand it? Well, the opportunity is at hand.

★★★ Reader Feedback: Best book I've read on gasoline pressure lanterns . . . I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by all the good information in it. - totallyfrozen

★★★ Reader Feedback: Great . . . Gave as gift and they loved it. - Amazon Customer

● This is an 8-book series. The quickest way to see the other titles is 1] to click on the Follow the Author link elsewhere on this page. Or 2] if you're not in Amazon as you read this, copy-and-paste "the non-electric lighting series" (include the quote marks) into the Google search bar.
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