Knocking On The Door Of The White House: Latino and Latina Poets in Washington, D.C. (2001-2009)

by Luis Alberto Ambroggio, José R. Ballesteros, Carlos Parada Ayala


This is the first Spanish/English anthology of Latinx poetry from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. It features the work of twenty-four locally, nationally, and internationally recognized poetic voices. The groundbreaking verse of many of these poets has helped establish D.C.'s powerful and vibrant poetry scene.

About the Author: 

Zozobra Publishing is proud to present Knocking on the Door of The White House: Latina and Latino Poetry in Washington, D.C., (2001 – 2009). This anthology is a curated and bilingual edition of Al pie de la Casa Blanca: Poetas Hispanos de Washington, D.C., edited by Luis Alberto Ambroggio and Carlos Parada Ayala and published in 2010 by the Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española.

Al pie de la Casa Blanca was a foundational text that sought to collect and celebrate poetry in Spanish by twenty-four important poets that lived in or near the District. As an anthology of specifically Hispanic/Latinx poets, it was a first of its kind—in Spanish or English—for the D.C. area. The publication of that Spanish language anthology made clear to a regional and national readership that Latinx letters were thriving in and around our nation’s capital.

Readers of this edition, Knocking on the Door of The White House, will find the original essays that accompanied the first anthology translated into English as well as work by the twenty-two poets who gave us permission to reprint their original material in both English and Spanish. We have also added the work of D.C. resident Dan Vera, who was not included in the original anthology. In contrast to Al pie de la Casa Blanca, which included between six and ten poems per author, we include two works per poet here to make room for English versions. These poems were vetted by the editors, are representative of the poets’ best work, and often reflect the complexities of living in our region during the turbulent first decade of the 21st century.

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