Customers Know You Suck: Actionable CX Strategies to Better Understand, Attract, and Retain Customers (Paperback)

Customers Know You Suck: Actionable CX Strategies to Better Understand, Attract, and Retain Customers By Debbie Levitt Cover Image

Customers Know You Suck: Actionable CX Strategies to Better Understand, Attract, and Retain Customers (Paperback)


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Customers Know You Suck is the how-to manual for customer-centric product-market fit. Its highly actionable models, maps, and processes empower everyone to improve the Customer Experience (CX). Learn how to investigate, diagnose, and act on what's blocking teams. Gather the evidence and data that better inform decisions, leading to increased satisfaction, conversion, and loyalty. Use our governance model for implementing and monitoring the progress, success, and failure of internal process changes and experiments.

We've all been in that meeting: something we thought users would want or do didn't happen as expected. How did we get that wrong and how do we keep that from happening again? Too often, product and service decisions are not guided by customer intelligence data. Where we lack knowledge, we work from guesses and assumptions, introducing or increasing risk.

Customers expect high quality and value from every interaction with your company. People notice when we don't meet their quality standards. Our reviews, stock price, support tickets, and customer attrition clearly show that what we thought was "good enough" isn't. If you lose potential or current customers in one channel, you've probably lost them in every channel.

But transforming toward customer-centricity strengthens customer relationships and increases revenue. Save money, reduce risk, work more efficiently, and improve culture while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Who should read this book? Managers, leaders, and execs. Strategists and analysts. Product, Marketing, Support, Engineering, Data, CX, UX, and everybody else. This book is about creating change. Where you don't have that authority, please bring ideas to those above you in your org.


"Every chapter in Customers Know You Suck has something that makes me think, "If only that annoying person in my company understood this." The book contains a lot of principles and practical advice, and can be easily skimmed if you need to go deeper into one of the topics. It's a manual, and I mean this in a very positive way: it's deep, it's comprehensive, and it's chunked in a way that allows me to find the answer to a specific question the moment I need it. There are a lot of short paragraphs with precise titles, boxes with specific examples, and separate chapters for interviews. It's super helpful, and easy to find topics I want to explore." - Ilaria Fioravanti, UX Designer


Advice from authors, speakers, trainers, big consulting companies, webinars, and white papers is often high-level. You might hear the following and still have no idea what to do:

* Deliver innovative products and services.

* Be product-led, use product discovery techniques, and validate ideas for product-market fit.

* Be Agile and Lean. Increase efficiency and velocity.

* Value privacy, safety, ethics, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.

* Aim for continuous discovery, continuous delivery, continuous improvement, and continuous learning.

* Convince the execs and get buy-in.

* Create positive customer and employee experiences.

* Lead with empathy and create empathy

* Talk to customers, listen to them, and walk in their shoes.

* Design a customer journey map.

* Experiment, innovate, and disrupt

* Use NPS, measure customer satisfaction, and do whatever it takes to lift those scores.

* Run some surveys, A/B tests, talk to a few customers, and find out what they need.

* Pursue customer feedback.

* Brainstorm using workshops, design thinking, design sprints, Lean UX, and LEGO.

This book takes a critical thinking look at the above advice, and guides readers to action.

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Publication Date: December 2nd, 2022
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